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27 July 2010

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Spatial Search with Grails and Solr Plugin

Grails has a good Solr plugin ( that works well and also provides spatial search that works out of the box. However, the documentation to use this feature is a bit skimpy so here are the basic steps to enable spatial search with Solr for your Grails app.

Install the solr plugin for Grails using 'grails install-plugin solr' and enable Solr indexing for your domain class by:

    static enableSolrSearch = true
    static solrAutoIndex = true

Next, we need to add a Solr index field annotation to the domain members.

    //import org.grails.solr.Solr
    Double latitude

    Double longitude

Once we have those in place, we can use SolrService to query:

    getSpatialQuery(query, lat, lng, range)


AM said...

thank you. I was hunting for this.

Fran GarcĂ­a said...

Does anybody know if it is possible to have two different datasources being one of them solr?

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