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01 June 2011

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Using RABL in Rails JSON Web API

Let's use an event management app as the example.

The app has a simple feature: a user can add some events, then invite other users to attend the event. Its data are represented in 3 models: User, Event, and Event Guest.

Let's say we are going to add a read-only JSON web API to allow clients to browse data records.


Model is not view

When working on a non-trivial web API, you will soon realize that models often cannot be serialized directly in a web API.

Within the same app, one API may need to render a summary view of the model, while another needs a detail view of the same model. You want to serialize a view or view object, not a model.

RABL (Ruby API Builder Language) gem is designed for this purpose.

Define once, reuse everywhere

Let's say we need to render these user attributes: id, username, email, display_name, but not password.

In RABL, we can define the attribute whitelist in a RABL template.

# tryrabl/app/views/users/base.rabl
attributes :id, :username, :email, :display_name

To show an individual user, we can now reuse the template through RABL extends.
# tryrabl/app/views/users/show.rabl
extends "users/base"
object @user

## JSON output:
# {
#     "user": {
#         "id": 8,
#         "username": "blaise",
#         "email": "",
#         "display_name": "Ms. Noe Lowe"
#     }
# }

Here's another example to show a list of users.
# tryrabl/app/views/users/index.rabl
extends "users/base"
collection @users

## JSON output:
# [{
#     "user": {
#         "id": 1,
#         "username": "alanna",
#         "email": "",
#         "display_name": "Mrs. Gaylord Hoeger"
#     }
# }, {
#     "user": {
#         "id": 2,
#         "username": "jarrell.robel",
#         "email": "",
#         "display_name": "Oran Lebsack"
#     }
# }]

The template can be reused in nested children as well, through RABL child.
attributes :id, :title, :description, :start, :end, :location
child :creator => :creator do
extends 'users/base'

## JSON output:
# {
#     "event": {
#         "id": 7,
#         "title": "Et earum sed fuga.",
#         "description": "Quis sed ..e ad.",
#         "start": "2011-05-31T08:31:45Z",
#         "end": "2011-06-01T08:31:45Z",
#         "location": "Saul Tunnel",
#         "creator": {
#             "id": 1,
#             "username": "alanna",
#             "email": "",
#             "display_name": "Mrs. Gaylord Hoeger"
#         }
#     }
# }

Join table rendered as subclass

I notice a recurring pattern in two recent projects. For instance, in this example, from the client's point of view, Event Guest is basically a User with an additional attribute: RSVP status.

When querying the database, usually we need to query the join table: event_guests.
class GuestsController < ApplicationController
def index
@guests = EventGuest.where(:event_id => params[:event_id])

But when rendering, the result set needs to be rendered as a list of Users. RABL allows you to do that easily, using its glue feature (a weird name though :).
# tryrabl/app/views/guests/index.rabl
collection @event_guests

# include the additional attribute
attributes :rsvp

# add child attributes to parent model
glue :user do
extends "users/base"

## JSON output:
# [{
#     "event_guest": {
#         "rsvp": "PENDING",
#         "id": 3,
#         "username": "myrna_harvey",
#         "email": "",
#         "display_name": "Savion Balistreri"
#     }
# }, {
#     "event_guest": {
#         "rsvp": "PENDING",
#         "id": 4,
#         "username": "adelle.nader",
#         "email": "",
#         "display_name": "Edgardo Dickens"
#     }
# }]

The complete Rails example code is available at


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